Residential Traffic Calming - Market between Danvers and Douglass Streets

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Market Street between Danvers Street and Douglass Street.

This area of Market St. is a traffic artery and has a 30 MPH speed limit.  It is a high collision and accident area where people are hit and homes, and cars see frequent damaged.  It is also a residential area with homes ranging from single family, two unit to small apartment buildings.  There is a community garden at Storrie St

The residents have applied for the SFMTA traffic calming program in 2014 with no response from the SFMTA.  We are applying again in July 2015.  Since San Francisco adopted Vision Zero where the recommended Speed limit is 25 MPH, we are hopeful that the city will implement measures to slow down the traffic and reduce traffic incidents in this area.  Our ask is to:

  1. Reduce Speed Limit to 25 MPH (same as on lower market st and other city traffic arteries)
  2. Enforce the speed limit with speed detecters 
  3. Remove the concreate barrier and plant trees on the median similar to Guerrero St. and Cesar Chavez
  4. Widen the sidewalk in areas where there is not enough room to park 
  5. Create bulb-outs in sidewalk to plant trees
  6. Create bulb-outs at crossings and intersections
  7. Add additional signage for cars at Hattie St to stop for pedestrians
  8. Other ideas from community members

Untitled Location

The SFMTA will evaluate the need for traffic calming on a block-by-block basis; a separate application must be submitted for any adjacent blocks. Please define your block:

Market St from Danvers Street to Douglass Street

The SFMTA Traffic Calming Program addresses mid-block speeding on residential streets. Feel free to provide more detailed information about concerns on your street:

Neighborhood Petition

To be considered for traffic calming, you must obtain signatures from 20* distinct addresses on your block, using the petition form attached. One signature is allowed per address.

Signatures are required as part of the application process to ensure community support before the planning process begins. If your block is selected for traffic calming, residents on your block will be given the opportunity to vote on a speed hump or other traffic calming measure that is recommended by SFMTA staff.

*If there are fewer than 40 addresses on your block, please obtain signatures from half of them.

Community Contacts (Optional)

Please use the attached sheet to provide the names, addresses, and primary contact information for any schools, community centers or senior centers on your block, and list any parks or playgrounds. Locations near schools and other community oriented facilities will receive increased consideration. However this sheet is an optional form to your application.

Please return by July 31, 2015 to: Traffic Calming Program, SFMTA Livable Streets Subdivision One South Van Ness Avenue, 7th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103

– or – scan and send to

Traffic Calming Request Petition

We the undersigned hereby petition the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to perform the necessary evaluation, hold public hearings, and recommend that speed humps or other appropriate traffic calming measures be installed on Market St

from Danvers St to Douglass Street

A neighborhood ballot will be circulated and a public hearing will be held before physical measures are approved for this location.

By signing this petition,

  • I agree to have a speed hump or other appropriate traffic calming measure installed in front of my residence/business if

    deemed the most appropriate solution by SFMTA staff; and

  • My signature here counts as a “yes” vote unless I later submit a “no” vote in a neighborhood ballot which will be distributed if

    my block is deemed eligible for traffic calming.

This document is created using the SFMTA application available here

Market Street Traffic Calming between Danvers St and Douglass Street