Community Meeting Organizer Checklist

  • Every 6 months (ie, December & June):
    • Contact hospital to reserve dates for the room.  We aim for the 4th Monday of the month.
    • The meeting dates currently reserved are 9/20, 10/25, and 11/22.  No meeting is planned for December.
  • 2 Weeks Before Meeting
    • Post announcement to Community Meetings page on this site.  
      • Use the existing announcements as a template.
      • Try to find an image to use, it will grab attention.
    • Add meeting to the Google Calendar on this site.
    • Copy/Paste announcement to the following locations:
      • Transition SF Google Group
      • Transition SF Facebook Group
      • Transition California Site
      • (optional - if you can spare the 20 bucks)
  • 48 Hours Before Meeting
    • Send out reminder to Google Group and Facebook Group
    • Send out personal reminder to the speaker and make sure they know what they need to bring
  • Day of Meeting
    • Things To Bring
      • 5 copies of Transition SF sign (attached) to indicate where the Gazebo is
      • Sharpie (to draw arrows on the signs)
      • Masking tape (to put up the signs)
      • Clipboard (to carry the signs and other loose papers)
      • Chalk (in case you need to use chalkboard)
      • Laptop with presentation materials (including a copy of the presenter's speech just in case)
      • Double-check that Ania/Michael are bringing the projector + power cable + banner
    • Arrival
      • Generally we tell people they can show up as early as 6:30 if they want to bring food and socialize.  Sometimes people show up, sometimes they don't.  I try to arrive at 6:20 to get the signs put up and the room opened.
      • You have to get security to come open the room.  Supposedly you can reach security by dialing 60837 from the pink phone at the west end of the hospital hallway across from the Gazebo entrance.  This has never worked for me so I bother the nurses at the nursing bay, but frequently they aren't around.  I would recommend figuring out where the real "front desk" is and asking for security there.
    • Meeting Format (Obviously we refine the format as we progress, but here's the basic gist)
      • Welcome everyone and give a brief overview of the evening's schedule
      • Do a round of introductions, gift exchange (ie needs and offers), and announcements.  Be sure to write these down on the laptop if applicable.
      • Introduce the keynote speaker.
      • Ask the audience to vote on open space topics.  Break into groups and assign groups to a corner of the room.  Write this down on the laptop so everyone understands where to go for what.
      • We used to have the breakout groups come back and report, but haven't done that lately.  Seems to work better to just let people gradually filter out when they've had enough of the discussions.  Especially since some discussions may last much longer than others.
      • Make sure to rearrange the furniture.  There's a diagram of the proper arrangement near the door.  And don't forget that when you close the door, it automatically locks, so don't forget anything in the room:)
  • After The Meeting
    • Post a copy of the presentation and announcements to the website and notify the Google Group
    • Find a presenter for the next meeting
Wes McCullough,
Aug 23, 2010, 11:07 PM