Community Meeting - April 26, 2010 7 pm - Climate Change and San Francisco's Response

posted Mar 23, 2010, 2:48 PM by Ania Moniuszko   [ updated Apr 25, 2010, 11:15 PM ]

This Monday's TransitionSF community meeting will have a special speaker on the topic of Climate ChangeBud Smith, who is with the TransitionSF initiating group, is also the author of the book "Runaway: How the Earth 'tipped' into runaway climate change".

Bud will speak on the topic of climate change and there will be a breakout group for anyone who wants to find out more about the topic.


Envisioning a Future for San Francisco in Response to Climate Change and Peak Oil

Mon, April 26, 7:00pm-9:00pm, San Francisco 

We'll have a special speaker and author talk about Climate Change and what it means for the City of San Francisco.

This is an event that engages SF residents in conversation and visioning process to form a resilience plan for San Francisco in the face of climate change and peak oil. 

We'll continue our discussions from last month on:
ᅠFOOD - local food production, food security, CSA's, Permaculture, organic, & biodynamic growing, building healthy soils, food preservation & storage, community kitchens, buying in bulk 
ᅠRESKILLING - developing local products & materials, learning from elders & history, reuse, repairing, repurposing, reducing, recycling, cooking with fresh produce, cheese-making, soaps, plant-based textiles, baking, carpentry, blacksmithing, animal husbandry, bike repair 
ᅠHEART AND SOUL - focusing on how we as individuals and a community can support one another in the process of change 
ᅠENVISIONING A LOCAL FUTURE - Creating a vision and communicating through videos, blogs, and other media
  LOCAL CURRENCY - creating local currencies to support local businesses, local credit unions, local community groups; Model Bernal Bucks Program
  GOVERNMENT - Changing laws that prevent change
We'll use open technologies format for the meeting to form new groups around the following topics

ᅠENERGY - use reduction, local renewable energy sources, distributed/decentralized energy grid, biogas conversions, solar, wind, micro-hydro, biofuels, zero carbon
ᅠTRANSPORTATION - pedestrian-friendly, bicycles, mass transit and long distance rail, reclaiming roads for other uses
ᅠECONOMY - local currencies, barter, childcare cooperatives, cottage industries, jobs & right livelihood, green business & local entrepreneurship, local business

New participants will have an opportunity to hear the TransitionSF speakers, engage in closer conversation, and have opportunity to participate in our breakout groups on variety of resiliency topics. Please join us.

Monday, April 26th 

The "Gazebo", at CPMC Davies Campus, on Castro between 14th and Duboce 
From the main hospital entrance, stay outside and go around the building to the right. The Gazebo i 
San Francisco, CA 94114 


Contact: Joel Frangquist 
Phone: 415 819 9663 

About TransitionSF: 
Community Group to promote and inspire an abundant, local and resilient San Francisco by unleashing the collective genius of our community to dramatically reduce carbon emissions - in response to climate change; to significantly rebuild resilience - in response to peak oil; and to greatly strengthen our local economy -in response to economic instability.

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