Next Set of projects for deliberation in our November meeting

posted Nov 11, 2010, 9:04 AM by Ania Moniuszko   [ updated Nov 11, 2010, 9:22 AM ]

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Next Meeting: November 22, 7 - 9 pm, The Gazebo room at CPMC Davies on Castro and Duboce Ave, San Francisco, 94114

We have twelve projects to discuss at our meeting! We'll have brief pitches, and try to narrow the list by half or more; we'll save the final winner(s) to January.

  1. NEW: Seed Library. Put a lot of work into expanding the Seed Library effort across San Francisco. Needs include education, seed gathering, educational materials, Website, neighborhood groups, permaculture tie-ins. Speaker: Lynda.
  2. NEW: BayView/Hunter's Point project, Emerald City, led by Starhawk, Earth Activist Training and the Hunters Point Family group for at-risk youth. This is a Transition-type effort, but just on this one area, and already in progress. We would just pitch in and help get `er done. Many pluses. Possible concern: Locals may be, or become, concerned about gentrification. Speaker: Lynda. 
  3. NEW (revived): Kitchen Garden project. Permaculturalists help with your garden! Very successful outcomes on 10/10 and originators Karla and Sean will speak on it! Lots going on with this already including a Green Festival talk, a cool Web site, Hayes Valley Farm coordination and more. 
  4. Firing up a neighborhood Transition effort in SF; also includes "help" a neighborhood, permablitz, and Transition Together (which is advanced), as well as working with NEN. (17 votes; 1 red vote for TT, as we may not be ready for that.) Speaker: Beverly. 
  5. Currency project: The Art Project, a Bay Area-wide food-backed currency. Lots of excitement here. Bay Localize has volunteered to help us with social justice concernsPermaculture Guild would help, and we discussed a possible pilot of Hayes Valley Farm plus three nearby farmers' markets. (9 votes + 7 for Timebank, which is now on our back burner now as infrastructure for other projects.) Speaker: Bud. 
  6. Push an SF agricultural space project, 8 votes. (Work with NEN.) This could be creating a new Hayes Valley Farm, helping an existing city farm, and/or getting info from SF about their survey of "wasted" space in the City. Speaker: Joel. 
  7. Transition newspaper, print and online; 7 votes. Possible negative: focusing our big project on paper; could be overcome by using the project for green printing and recycling education. (1 red dot, could be better done later). Speaker: Lynda. 
  8. Renter's Transition project, including guidebook; 6 votes. Possible negative: Excluding homeowners. (So the Renter's project could then be the pilot for something more expansive.) Speaker: Bud. 
  9. Free school for re-skilling; 5 votes. There is a paid one starting up; our project could be an online directory of re-skilling resources, use Timebank. This would be good infrastructure for new Transition initiatives. 
  10. City Repair, the street corners project from Portland; 5 votes. Starts as "intersection intervention". Continues to "depave"(!), "village building" and more. Speaker: Lynda. 
  11. Graywater/rainwater project; 5 votes. I heard that several times more rainwater falls on SF than the city uses, so there's much potential. Problem: Only homeowners can freely do this; could be repetitive of other efforts. Speaker: Beverly. 
  12. Solar Hot Water project, including CPUC free 1-day training; 5 votes. This is really low-hanging fruit, saves about two-thirds of a unit's natural gas. Can also do solar PV and rainwater catchment whilst up on the roof. Problem: Only homeowners can freely do this. Speaker: Joel.