TransitionSF Community Meeting recap

posted Oct 3, 2010, 11:32 PM by Ania Moniuszko
Here's a recap of our Community Meeting - a key part of our project to find a big project for TransitionSF. Please read this admittedly long note, especially if you plan to come to the next meeting and contribute.

Notes include that the seed library is making good progress at the Portola Valley branch; the solar bike ride went well; Andre is going to a peak oil conference called ASPOG; and I'm going to the UK for Transition consulting training.

Gift circle: Bud needs a beach/Burning Man type bike, Joel may need a job, Susan has a houseshare in Portola (not Portola Valley - see below), Ania needs seeds, Dave needs help with kitchen gardens for 10/10/10 (see, Mira needs participants in Timebakn, Steve needs help with plants for his sunny community loft. (A good chance to showcase your permaculture skills...)

We discussed a potential big project for TransitionSF to take on. The hope is that a big project will help TSF with focus, impact, consciousness-raising, and increased effort.

The process is:
- We discussed "the rules" and some possible projects tonight.
- In about three weeks, we'll have the 10/10/10 climate action day, which will be kind of a lab for
sustainability projects.
- At our next meeting, Monday, October 25th, we'll spend the first half discussing projects, and the second half on some kind of selection or
narrowing process.

Here are the needs that we discussed for a project:
1. Raises awareness.
2. Conveys Transition's vision for increasing local resilience
3. Is concrete, affordable and doable
4. Is replicable, like Bernal Bucks.
5. Inspires and supports work on the neighborhood level, ie seed project, gleaning project.
6. Pays attention to process, ie identifies leaders, builds communication, builds social capital.
7. Becomes part of the community (Transition doesn't have to maintain it).

Added for consideration at the meeting:
8. Involves many people
9. Has ties to City Hall
10. Represents and includes diversity (which is also a permaculture value)

There was a question about which of these were the real "musts", and there was input that perhaps 1, 2, and 8 might be the real deal-breakers - but we didn't resolve this question.

We then went around the room for project ideas:
1.    Food Forest. Could be at Golden Gate Park or McLaren Park, or block by block
2.    Timebank, implemented at the neighborhood and organizational level, alternative currencies
3.    Solar cookers project, ie 1000 solar cookers
4.    City Repair (from Portland), Transition one intersection at a time!
5.    10/10/10-type day for Transition worldwide
6.    Connect neighborhoods in San Francisco to Transition (ie neighborhood-level Transition groups)
7.    Great Unleashing
8.    Permablitz/kitchen gardens project
9.    Something to do with finance
10.    Energy Descent Action Plan (could be separate or parallel project)
11.    Steve's sharable lot in the Mission
12.    A printed newspaper for Transition activities, present and future
13.    Working with the SF Organizing Project (see previous post)
14.    Serve as a kind of volunteer corps/ support team
15.    Work with the Bike Coalition et al on a big but time-limited biking project
16.    Humanure - people-generated compost
17.    A guide to nonprofits, perhaps tying in gift circles. Perhaps have a call center, like MarinLink
18.    Work as assistants to Neighborhood Empowerment Network (NEN) to learn and build skills
19.    Contribute to/evangelize/use NEN leadership training efforts
20.    Go out to existing neighborhood groups and ask "what do you need"? Perhaps "flood" one neighborhood with help. Do one or more projects, build credibility, then fold Transition-related efforts into the mix. (Relates to #14)